Scope Technology

    The Scope is a digital snow penetrometer. It consists of an electronics sensor "bullet" that attaches to a collapsible probe. The entire Scope package is about the size of a standard avalanche probe.


    When probed into the snow, the Scope uses a combination of sensors to measure hardness and depth of the various layers of the snowpack, creating a hardness profile in seconds. This scope profile is similar to a hand hardness profile, but with much higher resolution, accuracy, and repeatability.

How It Works

  Probe the scope into the snowpack to create a snow profile.

Collecting hardness profile with Avatech Scope

 The Scope Profile is wirelessly transferred to your iPhone or Android device for viewing.

Avatech Scope Profile

  View, analyze, annotate, and edit profiles directly on your phone while in the field.

Avatech Mobile app map view Avatech Mobile Scope grid view Avatech Mobile Scope profile view

  Data is automatically synced across devices, and can be edited, shared, analyzed, or exported from the comfort of your computer.

Avatech Web app map view

Using the Scope

What's Inside
  • Senses critical weak layers with a custom force transducer.
  • Collects and processes 5000 samples every second.
  • Sensitive enough to pick up the lightest powder and durable enough to handle whatever is under your snowpack.
  • Connects seamlessly to iOS and Android devices
  • Fuses a suite of sensors for maximum depth accuracy.
  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries at temps down to -20 C.