Our Story

    The idea behind Propagation Labs was started over 5 years ago by a group of MIT students inspired by the avalanche problem. Since those days it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster: from hacking prototypes together in a Cambridge incubator, to chasing snow around the world learning from avalanche professionals, to riding the highs and lows of building a company called Avatech in Park City, UT. When the original company pivoted away from the snow professional community, a few engineers still saw the promise of the core snow penetrometer technology, and we decided to form Propagation Labs.

Avatech skiing wasatch couloir
Avatech engineering scope by headlamp

Propagation Labs is now a small and passionate group of engineers and skiers dedicated to bringing a technology more than half a decade in the making to an industry that we have spent even longer learning from.

Our goal is to deliver on our original promise of developing technology that will address the key spatial, temporal, and human variability issues that make snowpack analysis so difficult. We are not trying to replace the snowpit and trained professionals with fancy electronics. On the contrary, we want to enhance the current systems: making it easier to record and analyze data when snowpits are dug, and providing the tools to quickly see into the snow pack when they aren’t.

We’re doing this by designing innovative sensor and data analysis tools for snow science and avalanche industry professionals. With objective measurement tools, we hope to increase our understanding of snow and improve avalanche prediction, education, and decision making. Our mission is to build technology that engenders better data, sound science, and safer powder turns.