Scope Specs

Scope Version 1.0 | 2020

probe technical specifications

depth system
Maximum Error 5.0% Maximum depth error for a layer location as a percentage of that layer’s depth
Mean Error 2.1% Average depth error for a layer location as a percentage of that layer’s depth
force system
Hardness Resolution (kPa) 3 kPa Scope can differentiate between layers with a hardness difference of 3 kPa or greater (mean F - 4F kPa difference is about 60kPa, so the scope force resolution is much better than hand hardness tests or the Ram)
Minimum Identifiable Layer Thickness (mm) 3mm (hard) - 10mm (soft) Scope should always be able to pick up weak layers as thin as 3mm for crusts and 10 mm for weak layers between harder layers
Temperature Variability (% / degree C) 0.2% Force values will fluctuate a maximum of 0.2%/C on an absolute scale (they should not change relative to each other, so snow structure will not be affected)
Hardness Range (kPa) 3kPa - 550kPa Scope can read snow hardnesses between the low - middle range of F hardness and the upper range of P hardness
Extended Length (cm) 150cm In the standard configuration, the max depth that can be probed is 150cm. Extender sections can be increase that length as much as necessary.
Collapsed Length (cm) 53cm/43cm The scope will collapse and fold up to this length similarly to an avalanche probe, shorter length is if the bullet is detached from the probe.
Weight (g/lb) 280g/10oz weight of the Scope, including collapsible probe