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Instruments and data analysis systems that enable snow and avalanche professionals to make more informed decisions in the mountains.

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The Scope

The fastest way to collect objective snow hardness profiles.

  • A digital snow penetrometer for modern snow professionals
  • Create a snow hardness profile free of human variability in under 10 seconds
  • Assess stratigraphy and identify weak layers without touching your shovel


Scope vs. Current Methods
Time to Create Profile Minimum Layer Thickness Detectable Data Points Per Meter of Depth Human Error Automatic recording and sharing.
Avatech Scope SCOPE 10 seconds 3mm 1000 minimal Yes
Hand Hardness Profile 10 minutes 10mm maximum 40 Yes No
RAM Penetrometer 20 minutes 15mm maximum 25 variable No

The App

Create, View, Annotate, Share, and Compare Snowpack Data.

Web App
Phone App
  • Compare objective profiles across time and space
  • Speed up your snowpits by adding test results, grains, and other context to your profiles
  • Tag and track weak layers throughout the season
  • Automatically sync your snowpack data across devices and your organization
  • Export your data to use with your preffered systems

Why Scope?

Rapidly Assess Spatial Variability

  • Collect Profiles on a variety of aspects, elevations, and slopes quickly and efficently, without having to dig a pit
  • Tag layers to assess spatial distribution, and track problem layers throughout the season
  • Filter profiles based on elevation, aspect, time, and location to get a better understanding of snowpack variability

Collect Objective Data

  • Reduce snow profile variabilty due to human differences in what "4f" means or opinions about which layers are important to record
  • Identify critical layers that a manual profile may miss due to them being too thin, or a snowpack being too complex
  • Be confident in comparing profiles created by different users at different times
  • View data on a continum of detail levels, from high resolution showing snowpack microstructure, to a more traditional simplified view

Accelerate Your Snowpits

  • Reduce time per snowpit by replacing tedious manual hand hardness profiles with rapid Scope profiles
  • Add test results, grain info, and other notes to a profile either in the field on your phone, or back inside on your computer
  • Automatically tag time and location and sync across your organization's mobile and web devices
  • Export your data for analysis or storage on your organization's platform

Buy a Scope

A limited quantity of Scope probes are now availible for preorder.
Delivery in October 2021

Price: $1500* - includes Scope Probe, free web and mobile app usage, private organization in app, probe case, additional extender pole, and full support to maximize your Scope profiles.
*Surcharge for European shipments possible

100% Money Back Guarantee - We understand that the Scope is new tech and will change how you interact with the snow. If you aren't sure how you will use it, or aren't satisfied in any way, we'll buy it back from you no questions asked for a full year.

If you are interested in purchasing a probe or partnering with us, send us an email at We will be in touch shortly.

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